Keeping your company financially healthy.


MDW Financial, LLC helps small to mid-sized companies evaluate their financial health by providing corporate accounting and financial analyses. We make the unknown known so your company can plan better, operate more efficiently, and build with more confidence. Running a business takes a lot of work and we are here to make one aspect of it easier.


1 – Corporate Accounting: Gathering Puzzle Pieces

  • Record daily transactions
  • Build and track budgets
  • Reconcile accounts for month-end close
  • Invoice clients and apply payments to invoices
  • Accounts Receivable follow-up and analysis
  • Payroll Processing

2 – Ratio Analysis: Overall Financial Health

  • Liquidity – shows the firm’s ability to pay off debts as they become due
  • Asset Management – also known as efficiency or activity ratios that evaluate how efficiently management uses resources and how much activity is generated from assets
  • Debt Management – shows the extent to which a company finances its assets with debt
  • Profitability – shows the combined effects of liquidity, asset management, and debt on operating results
  • DuPont Analysis – Return on Common Equity ratio that measures the rate of return on common stockholders’ investment

3 – Trend Analysis: Cutting Costs and Budgeting

  • Uses historical data to point out financial trends
  • Helpful with budgeting for future projects and finding ways to cut costs
  • Keeps track of increases and decreases in gross margin


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