Keeping your company financially healthy

We use your company’s historical financial data to point out trends and potential for improvement. Scaling your business becomes a lot less daunting when you have insight into your company’s financial performance.


MDW Financial, LLC manages finances for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to increase profitability and scale. Business leaders can plan better, operate more efficiently, and scale with more confidence through

• analyzing historical financial performance to point out strengths and weaknesses

• budget for new projects

• track project spending to ensure profitability


Financial Management includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1 – Ratio Analysis: Overall Financial Health

  • Liquidity – shows the firm’s ability to pay off debts as they become due
  • Asset Management – also known as efficiency or activity ratios that evaluate how efficiently management uses resources and how much activity is generated from assets
  • Debt Management – shows the extent to which a company finances its assets with debt
  • Profitability – shows the combined effects of liquidity, asset management, and debt on operating results
  • Market Value – The stock market’s assessment of the company as an investment

2 – Common Size Analysis: Cutting Costs

  • Uses historical data to point out financial trends
  • Helpful with finding ways to cut costs
  • Keeps track of increases and decreases in gross profit

3 – Budgeting: Planning for the Future

  • Budget creation for new projects (new product line, opening a new location, etc.)
  • Tracking budgets to ensure profitability


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